Why Reface

Don't Replace, Reface!

Do you want to change the look of your kitchen or bathroom? Our Orlando cabinet refacing services are the solution. This process is better than tearing out your kitchen and starting from scratch. Plus, it's great for your wallet as well. You can get the quality and appearance you want without going over budget.

Why should you reface?

  • It's Cheaper
  • You Get a Brand-new Appearance
  • It's Faster Than Remodeling
  • No Additional Projects Necessary
  • No Damage Done to Existing Countertops

Cabinet Facers can get the job done!

We only deal with the exterior of your cabinets without laying hands on the frame and foundation. Since there's no demolition and rebuilding being done, refacing is much cheaper. You may end up spending half of what you would for a remodeling job.

In addition, refacing your kitchen only takes about half a week. That's much faster than remodeling, which can take up to two whole months or more. That amount of time spent remodeling your kitchen is both inconvenient and disruptive for your family. The best part about refacing is that it's an isolated job that doesn't require any work with your floors, walls, and ceilings!

Are you interested?

We know that refacing is the great alternative to remodeling. It makes your home look good and with the money you've saved, it can make you feel good too. If you have a special project for your home that requires our talent, speak with our knowledgeable and experienced team about it.

Cabinet Facers has been serving the Orlando area for more than 40 years and we'd love to have you join our long list of satisfied customers. If you are interested in learning more about our refacing services or would like a free estimate, call us at 407-425-1712 today!

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Why Choose Us?

  • Spend 40 to 50% less
  • Cut back on costs and construction headaches
  • Only takes 3 to 4 days
  • Prevents damage to countertops
  • Nearly 5 decades of service
  • Expectional finished producs for fair prices